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☃️ Code2 Newsletter #6 - A Recap of Code2 -2021

☃️ Code2 Newsletter #6 - A Recap of Code2 -2021
By Code2 • Issue #6 • View online

Hey there,
As we prepare to bid 2021 farewell, we couldn’t resist bringing you a wrap-up of the year from the perspective of Code2 and our team!
What you’ll see in this edition:
  • A recap of 2021 
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📦 2021 - A Recap
2021 was a great year, especially for the Code2 team! Our story began with ScaleX’s decision to invest in Code2.
2021 was an exciting year for low-code/no-code platforms as they started to garner the attention they deserve. Not a week went by without an announcement of a 7-, 8-, or even 9-figure investment in one no-code tool or another.
Code2 also received its fair share of interest from the investors and managed to grab the headlines in early April! Having noticed Code2’s potential, the next generation early-stage venture capital firm ScaleX Ventures led a $1 million seed round investment, with participation from Code2’s first customer Aytekin Oldaç and PrimeTek founder Çağatay Çivici.
Also, the Code2 family has gladly welcomed its new members throughout 2021. While we shoot for the stars, we aim to bring together the best talent out there!
Our team grew by 3X in 2021. We will be looking to recruit top talent in 2022 as we strive to offer our customers the best no-code experience possible! 
It was only in May that we regularly started posting content on our blog, but we have come a long way! Big props to our very own Bruce, Kelly, Eugene, and Çınar for the 57 blog posts they have published in such a short time!
If you are curious about the latest development in the no-code realm, the Code2 Blog is where you need to be.
In order to help you with your app-building process, we have started sharing quick tutorials on Code2’s Youtube channel. You can also find us (@code2io) on different social media platforms. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, and we will keep you up-to-date on the news about Code2 and the no-code world!
The last quarter of the year was a particularly hectic period for us at Code2 as we worked hard to build and perfect our documentation. The reference notes, how-to guides, and tutorials on our website will ease you into understanding how Code2 works and help you make the most of your time using our platform. For further support, join our Discord channel or shoot us an email at
Just a quick reminder: Before we introduce our new pricing plans, this is your last chance to get the Believer package. Take advantage of this fantastic deal for a full one-year license and enjoy every single feature to be launched in your first year for a single payment of just $39!
🎉 Many users showed their trust in Code2 by becoming our first paying customers! 
We will remember 2021 as the year we had our first paid customers, and our customer base has kept expanding at a rapid pace thanks to the hard work of Code2 team. Thank you, everyone!
One of our first customers, Daniel, used Code2 to build his app and now provides his customers with optimal charging solutions for electric cars. Daniel had these kind words to say for Code2:
Another milestone for us in 2021 was our announcement of Prime UI Library and Code2 beta program. This collaboration enables our users to develop and customize web apps faster and more easily with PrimeReact, and inject code whenever needed.
Last but not least, we released the first batch of our app templates! You can now find 4 pixel-perfect app templates—from human resources to online petition— in the showcase on our website. Our team has no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are working diligently to create new templates for the most common use cases. Stay tuned!
We started the Code2 newsletter in October to better connect with our community. We’ve published six editions in three months—not too shabby, huh? Updates on Code2 feature releases, news from our team and the latest developments in the no-code world… We promise to keep bringing you quality content in 2022, too!
✈️ What're our plans for 2022?
  • Advanced front-end & back-end flow
  • More native integrations such as payment integration
  • More web3 use cases (Details coming soon!)
  • Smart contract templates
  • More resources like rich how-to guides, engaging videos, and dazzling templates
  • Community events
  • Exclusive packages for students
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- Code2 Team
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