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Code2 Newsletter #7 -January: 📬 Updated Documentation —Enable Signup and Login Process | 🎉 Custom Solutions for your Unique Problems | ‍🩺 Capsule —Medical Appointment ‍📌 My Portfolio —Personal Web Site Template | 💸 Get the Believer Package!

Code2 Newsletter #7 -January: 📬 Updated Documentation —Enable Signup and Login Process | 🎉 Custom Solutions for your Unique Problems | ‍🩺 Capsule —Medical Appointment ‍📌 My Portfolio —Personal Web Site Template | 💸 Get the Believer Package!
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Hey there,
We came out of the box really strong in 2022! In the first couple of weeks of the new year, two new app templates went live, new paying customers joined the Code2 family, and we have provided them with excellent support to jump-start their journey! Additionally, our documentation is being continuously updated so that you won’t feel lost while building your app. Last but not least, keep your eyes (and ears) open for a new podcast episode with our CEO Mustafa Sakalsız. 
In this edition:
  • 🥳  What’s New on Code2: 
  • Updated Documentation—How to Enable Signup and Login Process with Sendgrid
  • Custom Solutions for your Unique Problems
  • 🎨  New Template of the Week: 
  • “Capsule” Appointment App Template
  • “My Portfolio” Personal Web Site App Template
  • Last chance to get the Believer package!
  • 3 Reasons Why Developers Love No-Code 
  • No-Code Fostering Collaboration in Cross-functional Teams 
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🥳 What's new on Code2
Wanna learn how you can add an email signup feature to your app on Code2? 
Basically, when you use SendGrid, your users receive a verification email, and, in case they forget their password, they can quickly get an email for requesting a password reset.
Our users can use their custom templates on Sendgrid employing the Sendgrid plug-in. But if they don’t feel like doing it for some reason, they can use our pre-defined template that comes with all the basic functionality needed!  
Go to the documentation
Go to the documentation
Not a fan of reading detailed documentation? Think you would learn faster if you could watch a cool tutorial on Sendgrid integration? We got you covered, folks. Check out our latest video explaining step-by-step how you can leverage the Sendgrid integration to give your customers a better sign-in experience.
Watch our how-to video on YouTube
Sometimes, you feel like there is lots of work to do, and the pressure from your customers asking for features that are not on your roadmap may be more distractive than ever. Not only that, but sometimes you, too, may need additional tools to increase your productivity at work.
Whether it is developing internal tools, customer portals, dashboards, and landing pages for your customers or extending your own software to solve a specific problem, you can now do it without code.
However, you no longer need to diverge from your roadmap or hire a technical team to serve out-of-scope feature requests —Code2 has got you covered.
If you can give us 15 mins, we can meet up for a demo and show you how Code2 helps you build partner portals, forms, front pages for your APIs, and apps around your product.
Learn more!
Learn more!
🎨 New Template of the Week
Just the perfect template for hospitals and doctor’s offices in these testing times, and it’s now live on Code2! With this template, you can easily:
- Let your patients make appointments with your doctors
- Keep track of the previous appointments your patients made
- Allow your doctors to organize their time and re-schedule appointments as needed
Go to the template
Go to the template
Your designs and projects can remain private, for your eyes only… Or you can use this pixel-perfect template to showcase them for the world to see!
Put your best designs and post impressive projects under the limelight with this template and dazzle your audience with the breadth and depth of your portfolio! 
Go to the template
Go to the template
Before we introduce our new pricing plans, this is your last chance to get the Believer package. Take advantage of this fantastic deal for a full one-year license and enjoy every single feature to be launched in your first year for a single payment of just $39!
📣 Community News
🧑‍💻 3 Reasons Why Developers Love No-Code
👫 No-code Fostering Collaboration in Cross-functional Teams
⏰ Future Updates
📜 Dynamic Survey and Questionnaire Builder
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- Code2 Team
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